Friday, 31 August 2012

August 123 Challenge

"Oh such joy to watch you explore"

The August 123 Challenge was to use the following:

Word: watch/watching
Colour: green
Technique: texture paste

I had to have a go as I had a few photos in mind with some lovely green in them, and a tub of hardly-used texture paste.  I chose this photo of my boy getting distracted away from the task at hand (watering grandma's pot plants) to pour water down a drain instead (not very environmentally conscious at 22 months of age).  It's amazing how a little experimentation can have them so captivated!

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Stuck?! August Bonus 2 Sketch

I thought I'd give this Stuck?! sketch challenge a go.  I usually struggle with sketches.  For some reason my brain seems to freeze.  I really enjoyed this sketch though, and am pleased with the result. I'm very addicted to washi tape now, a fairly new acquisition for me, and getting addicted to film strips and anything transparent.  Need to buy more transparent film strip washi!

(By the way, my little old camera skews the edges of the page so things look a bit crooked when in fact they are straight!)

Friday, 24 August 2012

White With 1 August Challenge

Here's my take on the WW1 August challenge.  The challenge was to use white + maps + travel embellishments.  I got some online inspiration for the little paper plane made out of map paper and just couldn't resist doing it.

I felt like such a tourist in my own country having these photos taken upon boarding our flight, but I knew they'd be great for scrapbooking.  We had a short holiday in Broome, WA, with our almost-2-year-old and what a great little traveller he was! The rumble of take-off somehow lulled him into sleep and he slept for about 95% of each flight!